Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to draw Standard, Fancy and Custom Horizontal Dividers in Word

Drawing horizontal lines is very common in day to day life if you are using Microsoft Word regularly. Many of you might know about the standard horizontal lines supported by Word via the keyboard. For those who are not aware of those standard lines check the below for the standard horizontal lines that can be drawn in Microsoft word using keyboard. Just type 3 characters (3 Hyphens, 3 Underscores etc.,) as shown and press enter to get the desired line.

Fancy (Microsoft Built-in)
Seeing the above standard black and white lines everyday might be boring. Microsoft has thought of this and provided some fancy lines that can be drawn using Format -> Borders and Sharing -> Borders Tab, click Horizontal Line -> Search Text (Search for ‘Dividers, Decorations’). Once all those fancy dividers are displayed, click on one of them and Click ‘OK’ to get the required horizontal divider. Check some of the samples below.

I know there are many word enthusiasts out there and are still not satisfied with these fancy dividers. They want to have their own custom dividers. Is it possible in Word? Yes, absolutely. You can import all you *.GIF, *.JPG etc., files (drawn using MS Paint or any other drawing tool) into word using: Format -> Borders and Sharing -> Borders Tab, click Horizontal Line -> click import -> point to the file from the file browser dialog box -> click Add.

So, sky is the limit for your creativity now to draw the horizontal dividers. Just go ahead explore or experiment and have fun.

Note: To get a good view of the horizontal line make sure the file that you are creating has a width between 600 to 650 and height 2 to 10 pixels.

Hope you had fun drawing a variety of horizontal lines / dividers in Word. Let me know your comments.

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